The evolution of
one solid experience.

NexumStp, a large, fully Italian joint-stock company based on strong innovation, was created from the merger of two well-known and companies established in their respective fields of competence: the associated firms Stern Zanin and Ciciani Petricca.

The four founding partners, labour consultants and accountants with over twenty years of consolidated experience, decided to move beyond the narrow and limited scope of the typical professional firm to take on a dimension that was more in line with the true needs of SMEs.

NexumStp offers companies the essential professional resources to start healthy growth, taking advantage of the opportunities that the market offers to those who know how to seize them.

The national dimension, the multi-disciplinarity, the information exchange mechanisms and the advanced use of technology are the answer to the needs of Italian companies, today more than ever addressing urgent needs for renewal.

The offer of high-level consultancy is made possible by the intensive use of innovative technological solutions, which make quality services affordable even for small and medium-sized businesses that until now only large companies could afford.

The presence on the territory, in constant growth with the aim of an increasingly extensive and branched coverage, means that the customer is able to receive competent services wherever they are.