Foreign companies
Why invest in Italy

Italy is one of the 3 key economies of the Eurozone, with a GDP of 1.72 billion Euro, equal to 16% of the Eurozone market. It is the second manufacturing economy in Europe, the fifth largest globally and the ninth exporter in the world, with a world market share of 2.9%. [¹]

Italy is a strategic gateway for 500 million consumers throughout the European Union, and connects southern Europe with central and eastern Europe. The Italian transport networks include 6,000 km of motorways, 1,350 km of high-speed railways and strategic ports for maritime transport, located along the coasts and on the islands.

Investing in Italy means having access to unique skills and excellence in sectors such as robotics, fashion, design, food and many others. Companies operating in Italy can rely on extensive networks of SMEs and production districts throughout the country, which can supply high-quality and semi-finished products in a wide range of sectors (industrial machinery, metals, chemicals, plastics, paper, ceramics, textiles, maritime industries, etc.). Made-in-Italy items are globally recognized as high-value and high-quality products.

In Italy, the skilled workforce offers overall better results in terms of costs, vis-à-vis comparable European countries. Indeed, the cost of labour in Italy is lower than the Eurozone average.

Italian cities are full of ancient monuments and treasures. Art, culture, music, food and, more in general, world-renowned quality products give Italy an unparalleled quality of life. With 55 locations included in the World Heritage Sites, Italy is the country with most entries on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Italy welcomes more than 50 million of international tourists per year, which effectively makes the country the fifth best tourist destination in the world.

Research and innovation are widely integrated into industrial processes, with a long tradition of excellence in many sectors. In Italy there is an incentive system to promote innovative investments and those in Industry 4.0 technology, as well as to increase spending on research, development & innovation, and to support and encourage the creation of innovative start-ups.

The AIBE Index measuring Italy’s attractiveness to foreign investors, published by the Italian Foreign Banks Association in May 2021, ranks Italy in 9th place among the most attractive of the 19 G20 member countries, with a score of 54.5, compared to an average score per country of 49.2. From an environmental point of view, Italy ranks sixth, with the best result compared to all the selected indicators that make up the Super Index.

Italy submitted the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), which will contribute to the revival of the economy and to reforms, with total resources of 248 billion Euro.

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