Healthy growth,
based on
solid values.

For the second year running and with a view to transparency and dialogue with its stakeholders, NexumStp has decided to publish its Sustainability Report.

As well as providing an overview of our activities, projects, and results, the report aims to provide a reasonable, balanced representation of the impact of our company’s activities on the community.



We aim to achieve complete digital transformation by investing in smart working and computerised processes to simplify, speed up and optimise our working methods. Similarly, we aim to guide our clients towards technological and business process innovation to enable them to work better, reduce costs and increase profits.


NexumStp has adopted a Code of Ethics to steer the actions of its associates according to precise behavioural guidelines, in which respect for people is the top priority.


NexumStp believes in respecting the principles of fairness, transparency, accountability and honesty, and applies them consistently both internally and externally.


NexumStp promotes and safeguards procedural accuracy, regulatory compliance and the preservation of high quality standards in the provision of all its services.


All NexumStp people are committed to acting professionally and responsibly in the interests of their clients, the group and the community.


NexumStp is a decentralised organisation in which the autonomy of our partners plays a key role in the pursuit of shared success.


NexumStp wants to be part of the present and the future of its clients, because a lasting alliance is one that is more effective, when it comes to strategy.


NexumStp is a group founded on the sharing of knowledge, and confidence in the deep vertical expertise of each of its members.

With a view to transparency and dialogue with its stakeholders, NexumStp has decided to publish its first Sustainability Report, which presents an overview of our activities, projects and performance, and summarises the organisation’s positive and negative contributions to sustainable development objectives.
The document aims to transparently describe not only the results achieved by NexumStp, but also our intention to generate a positive economic, social, and environmental impact for our staff, the community and the environment.

The Sustainability Report, which you can view online, has been prepared in accordance with the Sustainability Reporting Guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

Bilancio di Sostenibilità Nexumstp 2019